Fashion trends from the 90s that are making a huge comeback

In 2022 after two years of Covid-the 19 pandemic and languishing in loungewear, many are welcoming structure back into their lives. People are finally experimenting with fashion and their going-out clothes are making a powerful comeback.

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July 6, 2022

Reborn, re-entering fashion, and revived are all words that fit in beautifully with the fashion industry. The life circle of fashion trends began after collections started to appear on a seasonal basis - this also marked the inception of modern fashion. In the early 20th century designers started to create clear stylistic direction and started launching seasonal collections.

In 1947, famous designer Christian Dior created and introduced a revolution called the New Look- a collection that was inspired by the 1860s. Over the years, this became a trend and designers began gathering inspiration from already forgotten trends.

In 2022 after two years of Covid-the 19 pandemic and languishing in loungewear, many are welcoming structure back into their lives. People are finally experimenting with fashion and their going-out clothes are making a powerful comeback. Fashion experts claim that the 80s and 90s trends are something which will never extinguish. Among the often returning trends, patterns like stripes and dots are some of the most common patterns in women's wardrobes. These patterns are classic, whimsical and expressive and fashion designers and brands try to incorporate them differently each time.

Here’s a list of ’90s fashion trends that are making a comeback:

Wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants and wide-leg jeans came back to the trends after the spring-summer 2021 collections and as experts claim the trend is here to stay for 2022! Wide-leg pants are the most comfortable trend of the season. To perfectly style, your wide-leg pants pair them with blazers, crop tops and bold accessories. Wide-leg denims are considered more chic than mom jeans from the ’70s. Think of trendy wide-leg pants with relaxed silhouettes and long hemlines, they can perfectly uplift a subtle look. The trend is replacing skinny-leg jeans this year as well.

Shimmer dresses

Shimmer dresses are here to stay! Fashion experts say no matter how much fashion evolves but shimmer dresses are not going anywhere. Designers and brands are favouring sparkly numbers with statement-making silhouettes like cowl necks and balloon sleeves this year. The famous 90s-style dress with a plunging neckline is becoming a crowd-favourite too.

Every girl must have at least one sparkly top for every time you need to be party-ready with minimal effort.

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The popular garment hailing from the European courts of the middle ages- corsets are making a comeback. After lockdown’s loose and loungy comfort-dressing, trendsetters are embracing corsets and are pairing them with distressed denim and mini skirts. Corsets are giving the much-needed pulled-together look. Famous brands and designers are adding some structure to the everyday look without resorting to any serious cinching or distortion.

Corsets are famously known for their twisted dark history and over the course of the 20th century, they moved from a necessary piece of underwear to a sign of oppression. The garment also showed the extreme side of fashion and how individuals pushed their bodies for the sake of fashion. With more and more people ditching them, they became outdated over the years.

Oversized shirts

While corsets, bodysuits, and dresses all have their place, oversized shirts are becoming a go-to essential. Trends show these oversized shirts and large graphic t-shirts are paired with biker shorts or flared denims. The year started in favour of oversized shirts and XXL jackets, the trend is famous not only in day-to-day life but on the runway too. The oversized aesthetic, however, isn’t simply about buying two sizes up. But it is well-tailored, elegant and structured clothes that are the trend.

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Biker shorts

Biker shorts are famous among the fashion crowd. With the rise of athleisure, biker shorts are no longer reserved as activewear for workouts, people are happily throwing on a pair of clingy shorts to go out for brunches. It has become an easy bottom layer to slip on during the summer. The stretchy, form-fitting staple is super comfortable and not at all fussy. They are styled best with oversized t-shirts or shirts and a comfortable pair of sneakers.

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