GenZ is redefining comfort and fashion- Explained

A GenZ wardrobe talks a lot about their choices. While some members narrate their stories by adopting their native fashion sense, some infuse their street-style looks with second-hand items.

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June 30, 2022

Redefining comfort during the Covid-19-triggered lockdown, GenZ is considered the expressive consumer group which prefers purpose-driven brands with individual stories. The generation is well-known for reinventing and bringing back the famous '90s fashion to the latest trend charts. Fashion houses worldwide are moulding themselves to design consciously for GenZ- offering them digital-savvy shopping options, comfortable yet chic clothing, optimistic and healthy attitudes to beauty and ethical approaches to them all.

What is Generation Z?

Generation Z is the generation born between 1997 and 2012, following millennials. It is the youngest and is considered the most ethnically diverse population. A Pew Research defined Gen Z as anyone born after 1996. This generation grew up with direct access to technology, the internet and social media, which sometimes causes them to be stereotyped as tech-addicted, anti-social, or social justice warriors.

GenZ and fashion

GenZ is humanising fashion and is becoming a self-proclaimed purveyor of the evolved face of fashion. Undoubtedly, this generation has played a pivotal role in changing fashion trends—experimental, fun and daring. With social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat, GenZ has lately become the torchbearer of disseminating fashion styles.

A GenZ wardrobe talks a lot about their choices. While some members narrate their stories by adopting their native fashion sense, some infuse their street-style looks with second-hand items. Their purchases not only talk about fashion choice but their sexuality,  fluidity and freedom. With a critical focus on expressing themselves through their retail choices, GenZ doesn't just buy a product; they buy a story.

Extra points for comfort

While most of GenZ started working during the pandemic, comfort has always been a top choice for their workwear. Currently, what's ruling the trend has become the standard uniform in every Gen-Z's closet- silhouettes, comfort sleepsuits and athleisure, which are both super comfortable and chic. From jumpers and bike shorts to oversized t-shirts and track pants, Gen Z has found these clothing pieces acceptable for any occasion.

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Colours narrate your story

GenZ believes in experimenting much more than the Millenials or Gen X. They are not afraid to mix and match colours which have never been worn to create a unique ensemble. A GenZ can confidently carry a bright orange top with pink trousers. The generation is also much more gender-neutral as compared to the previous generations. Over the past few months, gender-neutral clothing has been gaining popularity, and trend foreseers have already predicted more gender-neutral colours and designs that will rule the upcoming spring/autumn collections. With global brands already hopping onto the gender-neutral wagon, we can expect more brands to launch gender-neutral collections.

Accessories are a way of expression

The 70s charms, florals, bright colours, pastel pops, signet rings, the art of layering, tiny pendants and anything extravagant is becoming GenZ's go-to accessories. Accessories are one of the fundamental elements that set you apart and tell each individual's distinct style. Accessories and tiny details accentuate the overall look and say a lot about a person's style. Similarly, GenZ has made accessories a medium of self-expression.

‘Woke’ consumers of fashion

GenZ is not only famous for experimenting with fashion but also for having social and environmental issues on their minds. The generation increasingly backs their beliefs with their shopping habits and favours brands aligned with their values.

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To align with the generation's beliefs, several global brands are responding by integrating social and environmental themes into their products and services. For example, the parent company of Japanese retailer Uniqlo has made efforts to hire refugees, and since 2016 the company has donated more than $5 million to support refugee initiatives in Asia. Similarly, throwing light on issues of the LGBTQ+ community, H&M launched a Pride collection in support of the community, and Balenciaga collaborated with World Food Programme, donning its slogan, 'Saving Lives, Changing Lives.'

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