‘Must-haves’ for the mid-century modern space

The mid-century furniture and decor pieces can easily be spotted by their low profile, a mix of textures and materials, and comes often with a pop of colour.

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May 27, 2022

Offering the perfect marriage between form and function, the mid-century modern design trend is here to stay for long. The design which was created with comfort in mind has been loved by designers and customers for decades.

The design features minimal ornamentation, earthly tones, easy-to-care decor, clean lines perfectly blended with crisp shapes and a pop of bright colours and organic materials. An overall look that’s both bold and approachable, mid-century styles are widely accepted and preferred by consumers and designers. From Instagram feeds to popular interior design magazines the modern style has a moment in the spotlight. The design trend has always been popular, but there was a time when it was not such a popular style. In the 80s and early 90s, there was a short time period when mid-Century Modern was equated with “grandparent’s style” in a dated, not trendy way.

However, in the 21st century, generation X helped in the resurgence of the design style. Over the past three decades, mid-Century Modern become the number one style, and it’s still one of the most-requested styles. Coming back to the design style, the mid-century furniture and decor pieces can easily be spotted by their low profile, a mix of textures and materials, and comes often with a pop of colour. We have rounded up a few  must-haves for a mid-century modern home:

Furniture with tapered legs

A mid-century modern space is incomplete without tapered-leg furniture, it is counted as one of the signature looks. Adding drama to the furniture pieces, tapered legs give the heavy and bulky piece a lighter overall look. The sleek lines and triangular shape of the legs draw the eye up and make smaller spaces seem more open and airy.

Natural wood finishes

The usage of natural wood in mid-century modern homes is truly exemplary. While the design is known for popularizing a slew of man-made materials for the home like fibreglass, vinyl, and concrete it also uses natural wood in every possible corner. Warm finishes in teak or acorn tones are super common and a must-have in mid-century designs.

A mix of bold and primary colours

Mid-century designs are well-known for a perfect amalgamation of earthly tones and pop of primary colours. Historically, mid-century spaces utilized a mix of bold, primary colours, with yellows and blues being especially popular. If you are trying to incorporate the design, it can be paired with complementary or secondary colours to capture the retro feel. Colours that go well with earthly tones are yellows, turquoise and teal or lilac and tangerine.

Geometric shapes

Eye-catching geometric accents are an absolute necessity for mid-century design.  These shapes can be added to both furniture and home decor accessories. A tripod lamp or a sleek bookshelf is a perfect example of how to add clean lines and shapes to your space while maintaining a simple and elegant form.


Texture can be added in any form to your mid-century space. It can be perfectly included in your furniture, wall decor, rugs and other accessories. A rug with a geometric pattern can add movement, plush texture, and dimension to any room or you can bring the space together using eye-catching wall art.

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