Planning to revamp your interiors? Here's Step by step guide to make a perfect ‘modern home’

if you are going to give your home a modern touch, consider factors such as technology, lighting, colour scheme, adding doors and windows, etc.

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July 2, 2022

Achieving the perfect ‘modern home’ is desired by many, but not everyone knows how to do it. We all want to live and create spaces that could be featured in one of the best shelter magazines, reflecting our style and personality. In the current times, home design and styling have become intrinsic to this expression of the self. 

Going with the interior trends, a 'mid-century modern home focuses on structural simplicity, functionality, order and the best architectural concepts. The functionality and clarity of the modern interior design has given it everlasting relevance. Modern homes can be cosy. functional, trendy and comfortable at the same time. 

Designing your home is not just for convenience but also for achieving a stylish and contemporary look. So if you are going to give your home a modern touch, consider factors such as technology, lighting, colour scheme, adding doors and windows, etc. Here’s a step by step guide that will help you design the space you've always dreamed of, uplifting the overall look of your home. 

Understand your space and requirement

The first step of designing a ‘modern home’ is to understand the space and the requirements of each room. Answer a few questions like- how many people are going to stay in the house? What is the purpose of redesigning? What is the thought process behind redesigning? Having a clear picture of your requirements makes the process smoother and less time-consuming. Once your requirements and vision is clear you can share your thoughts with an interior designer to help you further.  The designer will work closely with an architect to finalise the layout, design and materials to be used. 

Plan your budget

The second step is to plan and finalise your budget for the home interiors. To make a functional and comfortable home, you don’t have to spend a fortune on the interiors. Rather divide it as per your requirements of a particular room. You can plan your budget keeping in mind the size of your room, the type of furniture, furnishing, accessories and decor you require. A budget will streamline your process and you can keep a tab on all expenses. 

Choose flooring design, furniture and material

Selecting the perfect flooring can be a daunting task. To make it easier, gather information about the types of flooring as you plan the interiors. Consider factors like- moisture, durability, costs, and more. These factors can greatly influence your decision. For example, if you live in high moisture or a coastal area, you will need floorings such as concrete, ceramic or porcelain tile, or vinyl tile- these materials will not be affected by moisture. 

If you want low-maintenance furniture, use solid hardwood, you trade beauty for maintenance. You can throw some rugs and runners to cut down on maintenance. Remember to consider the pros and cons of all the available options. 

Paint your walls bright

The most engaging part of the process is choosing the right colour for your walls. Select colours which will go with the lighting and the furniture. 

To make your space, think outside the box about colour. You can try contemporary colour combos- like instead of browns and beige go for brighter hues like pink and peacock. Apart from contemporary combos, colour blocking is all the rage now. Colour blocking is creating an entire room in a single colour with furniture, doors and walls in the same colour.  A great way to start is by matching your paint colour to a statement piece of furniture. 3If you choose brighter shades for colour blocking you can tone down the shade of flooring and add a pop of pattern by choosing a subtle rug or carpet. This way you will add elements and not challenge the colour blocking. You can also go for textured walls or wallpapers to enhance the overall look.  

Pick the right home accessories and furnishings

To make your home a relaxing and unwinding space, choose accessories and furnishings that are pleasant, functional, habitable, and simplistic. It should be a perfect amalgamation of comfort and interaction. The key to the modern look is balance and the right elements in the right place.A tip- to improve the overall look of your rooms, always hang your curtains from the very top of your wall to the floor. Make sure your curtains are slightly above the floor even when you have smaller windows. The idea behind hanging long curtains is to draw attention to the height of the space, this becomes the right amount of element in your room. In order to add a modern touch, you can add statement art pieces, cubism, and fauvism as it capture the essence of the early modernist perspective.

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